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Struggling with Lyra animation framework

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Hey all,

I’ve been trying to work on an animation framework which I later want to use as an foundation for a complete combat system.

I’ve been searching for best practices online and have been learning a lot in the past month. I think I am quite known now with animation blueprints and perfect ways to set it up!

But there is a problem. I’ve also stumbled upon the Lyra project of Epic Games. Lyra has an amazing animation framework but it is quite complex. I could throw nearly all my animation knowledge out of the window and needed to start new.

I do understand the most of it now though and I think it is setup quite well. You can really build upon it well if you understand all the details and make efficient and performant next gen animation frameworks.
I love the BlueprintThreadSadeUpdateAnimation function and am learning about motion and stride warping to prevent foot sliding. Also am loving the modularity with the anim layers.

Blueprint Thread Safe Update Animation

How can I let this awesome framework just sit there? It is definitely how you would want your games to be setup in the future. So I have no choice, I need to learn it all and make it my own.

By doing so I’ve stumbled upon a couple of problems for my own use.

  • It is not easy to adapt it to your own system.
  • The Lyra project itself has many dependencies and is very hard to migrate to your own project. I was not able to take simple pieces to be used in mu blueprint only project.
  • So to prevent a big headache you probably want to use the Lyra StarterGame as a base. Migrating is extremely hard.
    • But I don’t want this. I am making assets for the Unreal Community and they desire blueprint only project which are modular of nature.

So what to do? I don’t see where to start. Nevertheless I need to. I am going to implement Lyra’s animation framework piece by piece and will improve on it wherever I can.

The improvements may not been seen as improvements by everyone. I will try to make it easier to understand and therefore probably also skip a couple of things which makes it a bit less next gen, but better to follow for most of the unreal community. I also will focus on more documentation and comment with focus on the why, how and what.

Wish me luck! If anyone has any tips or own experiences to share. Please let me know.

With kind regards,


Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

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