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Scalable Interaction System published

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Hello all,

Hope all of you had and amazing new years eve! We had a great time. Just some friends over and played some old school Risk after the dinner.

Scalable Interaction system:
To start this year with a great start, my interaction system has just been approved and published!
Check it out here.

It is perfect for any game or project that needs to setup any interactions. It is very scalable and fit for any RPG, Adventure, Open World or even platformers. Let me know what you think! Of course you can check out the demo.

Asset Architecture:
Besides the above, recently I had an expert session on how to setup my architecture for the marketplace assets to make sure the integration is as flawless as possible between all assets. I have had some incredible insights and am testing out some best practices. If the intended solution will work, it will probably mean that about ~90% of all integration work will not be needed anymore. So great news!

With kind regards,


Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

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