Lyra Animation framework recreate

Recreating Lyra Animation framework

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Hey all,
I am starting to fall in love with the Lyra animation framework. I have learned a lot from it and have been recreating it without the C++ dependencies.

I do intend to use this framework for a more complete animation locomotion system which includes climbing, vaulting, swimming, rolling, and more.
It also needs a combat system on top. The lyra combat shooter plugin is great but it has gameplay ability system (GAS) dependencies, uses a tag system (which is great but not for everybody) and the core is in C++. I know that the current setup can be too advanced for some or just want to have it more loosely coupled. My intention is to create an advanced combat system which also is able to connect well to my attribute manager and inventory system. Lyra will be used a base for this.

Let me know what you think!

With kind regards,


Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

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