Hyper Devlog - Firearms, Firetypes, Ammo handling, Animations, and sounds

Hyper Devlog – Firearms, Fire-types, Ammo handling, Animations, and sounds

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I wanted to work on the reloading of the weapon. In general it is very easy. However for the system I want to provide I need many prerequisites. I need an inventory wherein ammo can be stored, equipment slots like primary weapon/ offhand, but also an “ammo” slot since you want to be able to switch ammo types e.g. piercing bullets, steel arrows instead of wooden, etc. So before I am able to work on the reloading I am making a dummy inventory which is required for most games, even plain shooters. So am busy with that before being able to work on reload/firing

I have made slow but some progress, I’ve chosen an ammo management system and have been testing out the performance. It is working quite well. Check out the video for the results! I really love the spray but also the handling of aiming when shooting and holding the weapon in front of you otherwise.

Feel free to reach out any time and with kind regards,


Eric Ruts

Eric Ruts

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